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Where My Freedom Lies

A month ago, our founder, Amy Liu, was declared one of the five national winners in the National Braille Press's Annual Braille Poetry Contest. This year, the theme was freedom. Amy's poem, Where My Freedom Lies, brought home the prize for her age category; she has poured the $100 award into our efforts at Get in Touch! Inc. Read her poem below!

Where My Freedom Lies

The undried tears of my brethren

Roll down my cheek.

The unheard voices of my sisters

Ring in my ear.

How can we be free

When our brothers and sisters

Are blind to equity

And deaf to opportunity?

How can we be free

When those around us

Leave us to the face of injustice

And look away from our suffering?

They define us by our disability

Rather than our capability.

They are masked by this belief

That we are less and they are more.


I row against the current,

And conquer the waters

By myself.

The sun rises,

And I push on.

Because I know that

There is both

Solace and strength

In my darkness.

And that,

That is where my freedom lies.

During such dire times, reading and writing poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and other genres of literature are great ways to relieve stress and anxiety. Although many classes have gone virtual and education is now much different, now is the perfect time to find a new hobby and create a passion project. If you are in need of white canes, braille reading materials, or tools, please email us at, and we will respond to your request as soon as possible. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, shipping may be delayed. Nevertheless, explore your imagination, and manifest your creativity! For more inspiration, read more of the winning entries via this link, which will take you to the National Braille Press's original blog post:

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To our Get in Touch! Inc. family, thank you for being apart of our journey, and stay safe. Just like you, we are trying to do our best and figuring things out. For now, all of our programs are still up and running despite some minor adjustments; please feel free to reach out to us for any mental health or braille resources! Try to make the most of this strange situation, and may we all return to normalcy soon.

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