Reading Braille


The Larger Issue

At Get in Touch! Inc., we are raising funds and promoting initiatives to serve and support the blind community. We believe in taking action with urgency in order to raise public awareness about a pressing issue: the braille literacy crisis.



The Numerical Truth

According to a 2009 report from the National Federation of the Blind, braille literacy has dropped dramatically. In their findings,

  • Of the 1.3 million legally blind people in the United States of America, less than 10% are reading braille, and only 10% of blind children are learning braille.

  • Annually, 75,000 people lose all or part of their vision, and these numbers are predicted to increase along with the braille illiteracy rate.

  • As of 2009, 70% of blind adults were unemployed, and approximately half of blind high school students drop out of high school.

  • Furthermore, about 30% of the homeless population in America cannot see anything at all. 

These dangerous numbers lead to an increased dependence upon others for the blind community. Since 2009, the situation has slightly gotten better, but numbers are still staggering and blind dependence is still very prevalent. This situation is partially due to a teacher crisis, but it can also be traced back to the expensive prices of braille books. Braille books cost more than many college textbooks, and there is little reading material compared to that of traditionally printed books.